About Victoria Self

Over the last ten years I have adopted a much healthier attitude towards food. I realised I needed to fuel my body in the most nutritious and beneficial way I could. Since then I have noticed the effects food has on my body both positively and sadly, negatively. After all, our body is like a machine so we need to carefully look after it.

After several years as a primary school teacher, I bit the bullet and thought I needed to teach a new curriculum. For the last few years, many people have sought nutritional advice from me which I have taken as a huge compliment. I realised instead of educating children in a school environment, I could use these skills to educate others about nutrition. I could also use my own experiences of correct fueling to support exercise and training.

My training has involved many aspects of nutrition but I have specifically concentrated on: childhood nutrition and obesity prevention; nutrition and weight management; nutrition for sport and exercise and pre and post-natal nutrition. I have also qualified in motivational coaching and behavioural change which I feel are key tools for working with clients. I believe learning and keeping up to date with current scientific research is vital so I regularly attend conferences and courses at part of my CPD. Recently I embarked on the challenge of starting a post graduate diploma in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition to broaden my knowledge and experience to support clients.

I have been fortunate enough to support a range of clients of all ages with various nutrition goals. These have included building positive relationships with nutrition, fat-loss, improve body composition, improve sports performance, IBS, inflammation, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, ulcerated colitis and adrenal fatigue. 

Clean Nutrition Ltd is completely bespoke to my clients and their needs. It is my passion to work with my clients on their nutrition journey by giving face-to-face and online support. I am with my client every step of the way as I want my clients to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

Victoria Self   

BEd (Hons)

Physiology and Bio-chemistry

Sports and Exercise Nutrition

AfN Certified