Nutrition in the workplace

As seen at Taunton  Feast at The Castle Hotel

As well as personalised nutrition, I also offer seminars to support health for employers and employees in their workplace. This is tailored to each company depending on their needs. 

Why choose Nutrition in the Workplace?

  • Preventing sickness and time off work - poor nutrition can lead to poor health, including a low immune system and therefore more prone to illness.
  • More energy = more productive at work. There are many nutrients our body needs to give us energy so I will provide you with ideas of how you can incorporate these into your day's food.
  • Sleep and eating habits. How we eat can affect how we sleep due to food types and timings. 
  • Stress and the impact it has on the digestive system. Looking at ways to support mindful eating.
  • Increased concentration - fuelling the body nutritiously will support concentration. 

Nutrition at work

  • Breakfast on the go - quick and easy recipes to ensure a balanced breakfast to kick start any day.
  • Portable snacks - moving away from the traditional mid-morning biscuits or apple to macronutrient balanced snacks.
  • Leftover lunches - utilising leftover dinners to eat the next day. Recipes and ideas of how you can adapt meals. 

Following my seminar there is an opportunity for me to follow-up sessions and offer any further nutritional support. This can be done on a one to one basis.

Rates are charged per hour