Nutrition Package £120 for a 8 week programme

This includes:

* Initial 1 1/2 hour consultation

* 4 x 45 minute reviews

* Daily online support and analysis of food diary. This regular support offers advice and answers questions. "Sometimes it's knowing Victoria is there to answer a question will help keep me on track". 

Personalised Nutrition 

I offer various services to support your needs. I am flexible with my approach as I appreciate everyone has their own goals, whether it's weight loss, specified dietary requirements, sports performance or general health and well-being. I am based just outside Wellington, Somerset but I can offer home visits if required (travel costs may apply subject to location). I also work in Taunton and Exeter on various days. I can also offer this as an online service.

Option 1

8 week programme

I offer a free "First Steps" meeting where we can discuss personal

goals and the different options we can offer. I will guide you through

and support you with your decisions. 

First Steps

1 hour free appointment:

To find out more about yourself, I will give you a health and lifestyle

questionnaire to complete and ask for a three day food diary

including: food eaten, portion sizes, times of food and hunger levels. This will then

be analyzed ready for the Initial Consultation.

Initial Consultation

This 1 - 1 1/2 hour consultation consist of:

* Feedback from your completed health questionnaire.

* Feedback from your food diary.

* Discussion about lifestyle factors e.g. working hours, type of work, fitness schedule.

* Discussion about personal SMART goals and how to achieve them.

* Key body measurements and body composition, including: body fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage and weight.

* Personalised food plan including when and what to eat and the number of daily kcals and macronutrients calculations.

* Advice on pre and post training nutrition if necessary.


These 45 minute reviews consist of:

* Feedback from food diary. 

* Discuss any changes, obstacles or concerns. 

* Review body composition.

​* Discuss sleep and energy levels.

Option 2

Extend the 8 week programme:  12 weeks £170

Depending on your goals you may feel 12 weeks would suit you more. Using the same format as the 8 week programme, the 12 week programme  includes an Initial Consultation, 6 x 45 minute reviews and online support.

Option 3

Personalised Food Plans: £60

Want to eat healthily but don't know how to start? Want to know how to eat to support your training? This option may suit you.

Based on an analysis using your body's metabolic rate and your physical activity level, we can create a personalised food plan incorporating your own macronutrients calculations. This includes the 1-1 1/2 hour Initial Consultation to discuss lifestyle, health and goals. Then you will have a 1 hour review to go through your own personalised food plan including what and when to eat and advice on pre and post training nutrition. 

FOLLOW UP REVIEWS: £20 for 1 hour

Following the 8 and 12 week programmes, there is also an option to have a monthly check in.  You may need this to support you with keeping on track, reaching new goals or revisiting your food plan. These reviews are very popular with clients and are tailored made for each client.