GOAL: Improve fitness performance, decrease weight and body fat

"One of the many things I love about Clean Nutrition Ltd, is the variety of foods you can have! Plus I'm never hungry and I don't over eat anymore. I'm on my fourth week and the changes already are amazing. I'm starting to love veg and for someone who is 23 and never had a vegetable ever before it just shows how much support and help these guys give you. I now don't go a day without veg. Big thanks to Clean Nutrition Ltd." Kia

GOAL: Build a healthier and more positive relationship with food and improve body composition.

"For a long time I have felt out of control with food and how I feel about myself. I was unsure how to stop but also how to start. During our First Steps consultation, Victoria at Clean Nutrition Ltd, gave me a calming reassurance and I felt we could work together to overcome my issues. She gave me the knowledge, support and guidance with foods I should eat and how I should be eating through the day. The online support was a fantastic tool as there were times when I was feeling unsure and I knew Victoria was still there to offer advice. I made a food plan and I find this useful as I could refer back to it as and when I feel it necessary. I now have much more confidence about myself and I believe in myself because I know Victoria believes in my capabilities as well. The fortnightly measurements inspired me each time and I realised it wasn't all about the number of the scales. At the end of the process I have a healthy approach to food and not an obsession. This is thanks to Clean Nutrition Ltd". Samantha 

GOAL: Reduce lupus symptoms, decrease weight and body fat

Meet my 30 year old who suffers from lupus. She came to me with several health complaints including: pain when exercising, low energy levels, poor sleep, low hydration levels, skin flare ups and joint pains. After 8 weeks she achieved amazing results including: lost 4.6kg and 3.3% body fat, lost 37cm across her body, reduced her visceral fat, increased hydration levels, reduced lupus symptoms meaning she is in far less pain and is sleeping better, skin has improved from lupus being under control, increased her cardiovascular fitness and capacity to recover.

GOAL: Improve health and energy levels.

Meet Tina who suffered from low energy and fatigue. She was given a personalised food plan to support her health and lifestyle. After 8 weeks of the right guidance and support, she felt she was her old happy and energetic self again. To show how her fatigue had reduced, she completed a 5 mile charity night walk.

GOAL: Fat loss and improve sports performance.

When I started this journey I did not believe I would achieve the goals I dreamed of achieving but a key lesson I have learnt is life is only as good as your mindset and a positive mindset, with a lot of determination and confidence in yourself, allows you to achieve anything. Not only has this journey taught me valuable and lifelong skills in nutrition and training in order to lead a healthy lifestyle but it has taught me to believe in myself and have confidence in my abilities. This journey hasn’t ended but with the help of Victoria, I have made an amazing start. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself”. Nicole

GOAL: Improve training performance, decrease weight and body fat

"Victoria, at Clean Nutrition Ltd,  gave me all the tools I needed to make mindful choices. In 12 weeks I lost 10.6kg and 14 inches. Victoria helped me to plan my day, taught me how to fuel my body for training and how to eat on days when I wasn't training. Victoria is a fantastic support and full of so much knowledge, she didn't judge any decision I made because that's not what she's about, shes about teaching people to eat properly and to be able to continue after the plan has finished. She has shown me how easy it is to make small changes and get massive results which even fit in with the children, can't thank her and Clean Nutrition Ltd enough for the changes she has helped me make". Kerry